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gaiax asia testimonial

Before releasing our app, they offered us a customized service that fits greatly with our budget. Upon release, their ready-made templates and quick escalation system helped us handle the large amount of inquiries we received.

Mobile app company

Receives around 3000 inquiries per month

gaiax asia testimonial

We decided to go with GaiaX because they have a vast experience in handling these things. They have a system for monitoring 24/7 in 365 days, a defined criteria and monitoring standards which helps provide consistent judgment of online posts.

IC Agency Co., Ltd.

Content monitoring for a Japanese mobile music SNS

gaiax asia testimonial

We actually compared several companies that provided this service before deciding. Out of all, we think GaiaX was the most cost-effective and had the best training system. Since our site is conducive to debate because of the sensitive topics discussed, these two main points are crucial in the service we're looking for.

Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports and Science

Content monitoring of their 'Deliberative Dialogue' website

gaiax asia testimonial

GaiaX helps us provide satisfaction to our customers. They handle all the inquiries we receive 24 hrs a day, for 365 days. This system also helps us adhere with the social game platform's rules and frees more time for our staff.

Leading game publishing company in Japan

Receives around 300 inquiries per month